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Bob Bernstein has been the owner of Sunbelt for the last 30 years. He received his BS degree in economics from Northwestern in 1967 and his MBA from Wharton in 1973.

In his  early years  running the company, Bob noticed that traditional sheet fed promotional printing companies, such as Sunbelt, did not have the equipment, the skills or desire to produce promotional packaging or “dimensional” promotions. Dimensional promotions include pop–ups, slide mechanisms, changing images, turning wheels and numerous other enhanced print promotions.

Recognizing this unfulfilled need , he  decided to add the equipment and  structural designers required to  be successful in providing Sunbelt’s pharmaceutical clients and their agencies with a totally vertical resource to produce these kinds of promotions.


Today, Sunbelt is regarded as one of the countries leading suppliers of promotional packaging and dimension promotions in the pharmaceutical industry and has successfully transferred those skills to provide other industries and traditional agencies with a wide range of high impact promotional material .

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